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A very brief overview of the last two years…

Fore more info about what we did, are doing, including videos and other stuff, check our website . Also check our facebook page and do a ‘like’ so you get updates.  Here is a v brief summary of what we have been up to as a prelude to re-starting this blog:

This research, development and pilot project exceeded expectations, producing a completed installation for the “C-Words” exhibition at The Arnolfini, implementing new aesthetic/cultural approaches around commodification of art, humans and the environment.  Links developed with Bristol’s Pierian Centre and Black Development Agency led to two discussion / performance art events programmed in partnership with these two centres.  Strong and continuing links were made with Platform (London) and other projects.  In Manchester our performance at Band On The Wall in partnership with Global Grooves developed a link with Brazil.  International links were explored including with visiting environmentalists from Tanzania, but to properly develop these required more than the available capacity.  The work led to a follow-on project with Manchester Beacon and Manchester Science Festival 2010, and international links and profile were developed via participation in two academic forums in Manchester and Germany.  Full description at .